Featured as Apple's App of the Day worldwide with Glass

App of the Day with Glass 

I was an early Alpha tester of Glass, a photography community for photographers. Glass was featured as Apple's App of the Day twice in Fall 2022! Once in America and once worldwide. I was one of the community members whose photo was prominently featured on the App Store. Definitely check out the app if you are looking for an Instagram alternative that actually focuses on photography! 

"The Joy of Color" - Solo art exhibit 

Kim Cole Real Estate Fall 2021

Joy is such an underrated emotion. Photography is often expected to be dark and moody in order to have emotion and depth, but after this past year, I think we’ve had enough of that. 

I wanted to center my inaugural exhibit on the Joy of Color - both literally with the use of bright, bold colors - as well as figuratively by only showcasing women and non-binary people of color. 

Marginalized communities are often showcased through the lens of their suffering, which I find limiting and one-dimensional. I wanted to highlight the beauty and joy I see in the people around me and celebrate the rich colors, textures, and skin tones of the wonderful individuals I have the pleasure of photographing. 

I hope you enjoy the show and feel a little bit lighter after seeing it.

All proceeds from this show go directly to benefit the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Stop AAPI Hate. To purchase prints, please contact me here

For more information on the show, please see Kim Cole Real Estate.

Rankin's 2020 - Book published December 2020

Famous British fashion photographer, Rankin, issued a challenge at the beginning of 2020: showcase what 2020 meant to you through your photography. 

My self portrait was chosen from over 20,000 entries from professional and amateur photographers from the categories of Self, Empathy, Beauty, Family, Nature, and Fun. 

The images were also showcased on a limited run series on Sky Arts where Rankin explained his creative process and how he chose the images to include in his book. 

The proceeds for the book went to benefit Mental Health UK.

Buzzfeed - December 2020

Buzzfeed's "21 Holiday Cards From This Year That Made Me Laugh Through My Tears"

Published in a listicle from Buzzfeed detailing the just how terrible 2020 was in the top 21 holiday cards from the internet that made people laugh. Link

Offscreen Magazine - Issue 24

Offscreen magazine editorial 

Offscreen is an independent print magazine that examines how we shape technology and how technology shapes us.

My editorial piece on Xiaowei Wang ‘Modernity gone off the rails’ is published in Issue 24 exploring the intertwined systems connecting Shenzhen and Silicon Valley.

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