COVID-19 Photoshoot Info/Questions: (updated September 15, 2021)

After a full year of lockdown and focusing on other projects, I am finally ready to start opening up for limited in-person photoshoots! I am fully vaccinated (J&J) and adhere to Alameda county guidelines for small businesses. Due to the Delta variant, my team and I will be fully masked throughout the duration of the shoot. Ample ventilation will be provided.

Can I book an outdoor photoshoot with you?

Yes! Please contact me to set up specifics.

Can I book an in-studio photoshoot with you?

Yes you can! Masks will be required for anyone entering the building and whenever in any common areas of the building.  In the studio, you will not need to wear a mask during our photoshoot while shooting.  Presently the limit is 4 people on set at any given time, with ample ventilation.

Are you fully vaccinated? 

Yes, I am fully vaccinated (J&J) and will bring proof of vaccination. My team and I will also wear a mask at all times. 

Do I need to be fully vaccinated to book a shoot with you? 

It's highly encouraged that you are fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative Covid test for indoor shoots. 

What if I'm feeling sick the day of our shoot? 

Please please please reach out to me to reschedule your shoot at no charge. 

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